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Jan 01 1970

Use a dictionary!

I’ve almost completed a Master’s at UNLV and certainly done less work than my freshman year of college. It’s been the easiest 4.0 of my life.
The other TFA algebra teacher and I always roll our eyes at the comments the other teachers make in our class.
Two weeks ago someone very seriously asked “I couldn’t understand the information you gave me about how to properly cite my references. I tried so hard and just could not figure out APA style guidelines.” Another student showed a video with Portuguese subtitles and thought they were french. A math teacher spoke about how she attended a conferance on graphing calculators and was unable to graph a function because she had forgotten the quadratic formula. I can’t think of a possible reason that she would need this formula to graph a function on a calculator, apparently she had forgotten it as well as completely misunderstood it’s use. We are frequently admonished by our professor for our inability to cite sources, write a coherent paper, and use the library to find sources outside of random unathored web pages. “You are graduate students, you should be able to use a library.” It feel like me at high school saying “you are in high school, you should know that 3 times 7 is 21″ or you are in Pre-Calculus honors you should know how to use fractions and solve basic linear equations.
These poor teachers are at least nice, trying hard, those students who are good-intentioned that you don’t mind helping.

Tonight’s presentation however absolutely took the cake. On my evaluation instead of saying that it was Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory I said that it was “amusing” because I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

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