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Jan 19 2007

A final paper

These were the answers to my essay questions:
What is a job that you want to do and how does it use mathematics?
What is the difference between adding and multiplying fractions?
How to you add negative numbers?

2) Negative numbers you add it like this
-12 + -5 = 7
3) The differences are that when you add fractions you do “tops, by tops and bottoms by bottoms.” For multiplying you…

4) The job I’m considering is having a doctorate’s degree. Math is involved by medication, you need formulas for what kinds and how much.

I don’t even know what to think. I’m supposed to have high expectations and a sense of possibility, but is it possible that this girl will ever be a doctor? She is one of my better students, but I just don’t think that I can give her what she needs to take her to medical school. What does everyone else think? At the very least I think the pursuit of being a doctor will get her to college and a good job.

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  1. Vicki Dodge

    cammie — just encourage her to persue being a doctor. you cannot give her everything she needs to get there. what you can give her is the will to push on and accomplish her dream. help her achieve the little steps and each time she makes a gain make it a bit harder for the next one. challenge her to push herself and then just be there to say YAY when she gets the little stuff. these kids have no idea how to accomplish what they want , yet now they have you to show them and encourage them and challenge them more and more everytime they achieve a concept. i have always hated anything math– and that is due to teachers that were awful and did not care about the students. you care and you are willing to teach them and they know that. they are truly the lucky ones to have a dedicated and caring individual as you in thier corner.
    keep writing

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