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Feb 19 2008

Save that one for the movie…

“What country do we live in, Miss?”
I don’t respond. I look at the wall where it says, “Ask three before me” in bold pink letters.
Apparently no one in the group she’s with knows.
She continues, “I know we are in Nevada and that’s a state and that I live in Las Vegas but that’s a city so that can’t be my country. I’ve heard of the United States but Nevada is a state and so is that so what country are we in?”
It spawns a classroom discussion about our location. Thankfully, someone from the back row explains that we live in the United States so I don’t have to.

She then pulls out her cell phone and says “I need to put this in here because I’m not going to remember.” I confiscate it and put it in my desk. She forgets it after class and has to come back for it. She jokes, “I’m so blonde,” and I’m glad I didn’t have to be the one to say it. At the beginning of class she’d been showing off her roots and telling us about how her hair wasn’t really black. I guess she dyed it that way in an attempt to fool us but it didn’t really work out for her.

I love this student and she actually is doing okay at math and doing a fabulous job helping others.

As I laugh about it after school with the teachers who set up ping pong in the teachers lounge they propose that it go in the movie. They think that kids today are different and that there isn’t a great teaching movie about this generation. I think back 8 or 9 years to my high school and wonder if we were somehow better or if it’s just wishful thinking.
Thanks goodness I’m here to educate these kids!

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