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Aug 25 2008

5 things I love about my new job

I can get to Facebook and Pandora online because they only block porn instead of most of the internet. Presumably I can use google pictures to find the pictures of fractals I couldn’t get at my old school.

I can walk between all of my desks to help students without rubbing against the hormonally charged teenage boys who are clearly up to no good.

My LCD projector is already set up ready to go and mounted on the ceiling so freshman boys can’t turn it off mid lesson so that they can be crazy in the two minutes it takes to reboot.

I rode my bike to work and since it’s pouring rain I’m stuck being productive inside my classroom. Windows to Seattle rain is better than no windows to Vegas sun.

Another teacher who taught Algebra 2 last year offered to make assignment sheets and assessments for the entire semester for me and is excited to collaborate.

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