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May 30 2009

a good fit?

I haven’t been writing as much now that I work at a fancy private school. I worry that my kids will find it and that the parents will find it and that all my weaknesses will be exposed.
And right now I have a lot of weaknesses. And it’s hard to write about because it’s not going to encourage anyone to go into education.
Incredibly impressed by students who always do their homework, study for tests and are on grade level I made first semester too hard. I taught them ideas that were beyond what most of them could comprehend. When they complained about the workload and the stress and the confusion I didn’t really listen because I am used to kids complaining. I should have taken it more seriously because relationships are the most important part of the school I work at. Relationships are more important than test results. And I kind of messed that up my first semester which I’ve spent all of third quarter paying for.
I’ve been observed twice a week for most of class for the past eight weeks to decide if I’m a good fit for the school. People insist that just because I’m not a good fit at my wonderful private school doesn’t mean that I should stop teaching. I’m not so sure. I wish I loved it more.

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