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Oct 01 2009

Teaching as Improvisation

My school has awesome flex periods in the middle of each week where instead of taking the normal class load we spend a period doing something fun. Today it was watching an improv team. I waxed nostalgic about my days as drama club president and decided to be a drama teacher for 10 minutes. We played the game “questions” in which you must advance a scene asking nothing but questions. If you can’t ask a decent question in a good amount of time you are out.

The game started innocently enough and progressed well until a student couldn’t think of a question. “F***.” he said.
Still in the game the next student said “Did you really just say that in class?” Then next “What do you think will happen to me?” “What did they do the last time someone cursed in class?” “Do you have any idea how offensive that word is?” And on and on. I was dying. I could barely stop from laughing long enough to tell them “I don’t condone that type of behavior in class.” And I don’t, but thankfully even with that insanity they still calmed down and did their work afterwords and listed to me respectfully.

Sometimes my job is hilarious. Now they want to do improve everyday. Maybe. It was sure fun!

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