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May 27 2010

Top Ten Reasons Study Hall is the Best Class Ever

Little does study hall know, but I’m planning to expose them for the amazing, hilarious wonderful students they are…. Check back later for the study-hall tribute video!

Top Ten Reasons:
1. Dance parties! (I mean, rehersal for the school musical.)

2. Kids check facebook for me and report back what other students have said about my blog.

3. I found out that there is a notebook with “best Ms. B quotes” circulating around the school. I’m so curious. Please leave it in my mailbox. We can arrange a spot to return it. I fully accept that I may have said something ridiculous and embarressing.

4. Finding out that kids update facebook profiles during classes.

5. Putting Kendall’s math paper mache head on a stick and getting it stuck on top of the LCD projector.

6. Dangling signs out the window for the English class below to read.

7. When Matthew yelled “Ow… you cut my arm open with that knife” and I stood up and screamed at all of them before realizing it was a prank.

8. Telling them that I had to assign grades for study hall, making up a fake gradebook and concocting a fake reason to “failure” Spencer even though he studies the most out of everyone. Then, hearing his cries of anguish as he imagined what his parents were going to say. (He didn’t suffer for too long before we all lost it laughing…)

9. Giving daily lectures about not poking each other with meter sticks.

10. Hearing that some kids are going to miss me next year and that they think my class is entertaining. I always felt like such a math nerd-I can’t believe someone thought I was interesting.

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