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Oct 14 2010

Why so many new posts? Aren’t you in grad school?!

Just in case someone was really wondering why there were suddenly 30 new posts up on my blog I thought I’d take a second to explain-it’s interesting really. Someone is analyzing my first two years teaching for a dissertation project in their PhD program on teaching. I’d turned a lot of posts into drafts when I realized my principal at my last school had found my blog because I didn’t want him to read about me throwing keys, punching cabinets, crying on my classroom floor and questioning authority.

I put everything back up for the benefit of this PhD project and also because, I no longer have someone in charge of me who will care that I hated my job some days and was a nervous wreck for plenty of my first year. Of course, I am a community leader for TFANET now and so I want to maintain some semblance of professionalism, but honestly, I think that the teachers I’m working with need to know that I didn’t enter the classroom a confidant and creative math educator. I didn’t know how to work the copy machine, or how to control my feelings about it’s breakdowns. So in any case, here is me being honest about it all.

In other news, you should check out my Upper School Math Community on TFANET. I’m making cool videos about math.
Check out this one about my students projects:

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  1. mscogglesstorytime

    I feel the same way! I am actually in the process of putting my blog back up after a big scare with it last year. I am trying to remember all of my stories but it’s hard.

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