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Nov 13 2011

Feeling like a failure? Check out this dissertation with proof that it does get better!

I know some teachers come to teachforus wondering if they way they feel is unusual. They want to know if other people feel the same way about how hard teaching is.
This makes sense. TFA tells us that we can do amazing things with our kids, and some of us do, but on average we are about the same as other teachers when it comes down to research on student test scores.

Couple being about average with sky-high expectations and we are in a prime position to feel like failures.
Last year, one of my favorite bloggers on this site made her way out of depression and said she found reading the story of my first two years teaching helpful. It’s available here.
I’m Ms. A, and unless you want to read a lot of theoretical analysis, it makes sense to skip right to Chapter Three where the stories about teachers start. You can see three teachers fall apart and progress as they go through TFA.

Also, you can see that someone turned our blogs into a study of teacher identify growth-our stories are validated as useful information about the state of education! Keep up the writing :)

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  1. Wess

    Reading this DEFINITELY helped me figure a lot of things out last year.
    … and made me proud to be blogging my teacher life!


  2. Ms. Math

    Thanks Wess-I think it is such a fascinating look at TFA-the stories of the three teachers are in some ways the stories of everyone.

    It’s the type of thing you don’t hear about when you consider applying!

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