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Dec 16 2011

Redefining Perfection

When I was in college perfection meant getting A’s. It meant getting the jobs I applied for. It meant continually making progress at sports and getting my body to do what I wanted it to with not too much effort. In TFA I had to redefine perfection because my old definition was so hard to achieve that I went crazy trying.

Here is what I asked five years ago.

Is life meant to be lived to be very successful achieving all that is possible, or is it better to go climbing on the weekends and waste time with friends now and again? I’ve certainly lowered my standards of perfection for myself. It’s going fine so far, but I don’t know if I’ll be proud of myself later. But I was making myself sick with stress, so chilling out seemed like a necessity.

It seems to similar to the questions I ask myself now. Even though my favorite commenter Vicki is gone, her words are still helpful.

Hey Cammie
Was just reading your latest entry and speaking as an “old” lady I really hope you can re-think your statement about lowering standards of perfection for yourself. Truly there is no reason to lower them, however at this point in your life reassigning your priorities to fit where you are may be all that is needed right now. Achieving all that is possible is a fantastic goal and successes are the building blocks helping you to achieve everything you want. I believe you NEVER need to lower your standards for then you have nothing to strive for. Putting them in do-able pieces and allowing the mistakes to help you move towards your goals a little or big or huge step at a time will give you the the achievement and success you deserve and also lets you experience life and make friends along your life path. Keep your standards high. Experience your life as it is to the fullest. Challenge, understand, and do what needs to be done to achieve all you want and more. Never wonder about if you will be proud of yourself later. Do the best you can with what you know and are learning. Pride yourself on your insights, integrity, and who you are becoming. Remember how far you have come even these last few weeks and know that even when you are feeling blue and cannot find it in yourself to feel proud of you achievements I know at least two fantastic women that are very very very proud of you just the way you are.

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