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Oct 23 2012

Dreams of Being Who I’m Meant to Be

I want to write a book. My adviser says to finish my dissertation first. And that would be safe, and prudent and probably it will get done before a book will be polished.

But part of me thinks that now, in graduate school, with control of my schedule, is the time to do it.

But, there are so many beautiful canyons and interesting friends who draw my free time.

I’ve always wanted to write the “teach for us” book that collects and tells the stories here in a compelling way.

I want to write a book about teaching, but not something dry or academic. Instead, I want to write a story of coming to know myself and learning to understand others emotions and mathematical thoughts.
I’m not thinking that this will be a best-seller, but I don’t even think a story about math and emotions and the pain of teaching and growing exists. Or at least I can’t find it on Amazon.
Of course, writing about myself and my students seems a little Cammie-centric, but what do I know better? I just don’t know how to make up fiction. I KNOW that people won’t read something dry about math education unless they study it.

Does anyone else have these giant dreams?

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  1. I had these dreams and I made it a reality. I encourage you to do it as well. People need to hear your story and to publish your own book, it isn’t that much work. I’d read your book!

  2. Elizabeth

    I would say yes, i have just started my PhD on just this! I plan to use journeys of mathematicians and epecially teachers and look how they enjoy their subject and hopefully how they can share it with others. NOt the negative stuff, just the enthusiasm, passion and joy. I also plan to describe my own story of discovery in a blog with lots of links and stuff.

  3. Ms. Math

    That sounds so cool. I would love to hear more about your project.
    I have struggled so much with picking a positive dissertation topic because it is so easy for me to find problems in math education. Where is your blog? Have you started it yet?
    Feel free to email cameron “dot” byerley “at” gmail if you want to chat dissertations.


  4. Ms. Math

    Youth Motivational Speaker(Laymon)
    I just checked out your website and it looks amazing. I bet you would be able to help new teachers connect to their students. I would have loved to have you as a guest speaker in my classroom.
    Thank you for your message! I especially liked how you share your own struggles and how much others connect to those struggles. Personal stories are a really effective motivator.

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