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Aug 30 2013

Learning more about my mother(and the crazy world of airline pilots)

Each day I spend with my mother I learn something new. Tonight her adventure partner, Barb, is here and I see a whole new side of her. Barb and my mom were some of the first woman pilots at Flying Tigers and man they have some world-traveler stories. Being around Barb is warming my mom’s spirits that have been kicked down by cancer. They tell jokes about being old ladies as if growing old is funny. The nerve of someone with stage-four cancer to laugh at aging is remarkable.

Barb and my mom sat watching the Tiger slide show from the latest reunion. “Another picture of her?!?!”, they cry. “Where are the pictures of us?” They had so many stories and so much drama associated with this company full of what appeared to be overly energetic party animals.

I learned that almost everyone who worked for Flying Tigers seems to know about love affairs or have love affairs. I learned a few more details about just who was having love affairs with who, but those don’t need to go public.

I met my mom’s pilot friend Barb and found out what kind of women are most likely to fly around the country to see my mom-wild and wonderful women.

I heard the story about when she was queen of the castle in Scotland, threw people in the dungeon, and found her 747 captain in a bar, crawling around the floor drunk.

Some of the slide show photos are sad. So many of her Tiger friends have died. It must be hard on her.

I can see why everyone loved working for Flying Tigers-the people are friends with each other. It must be grand to be a part of such a famous line-named after such a famous group of fighter pilots.

Oh, my mom, the wild and wonderful Flying Tigress.

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