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Aug 31 2013

Facing Death and Keeping Life Going

The thing about facing death, is that we are always facing death, so life doesn’t seem so incredibly different now. My mom still has the same attitude of enjoying each day, being grateful, staying sober.

My mom dying is one of the only things I said I was not ready to handle after Ioana died. After Ioana died I always had a fear that friends were about to be taken away from me and that I must prioritize time with them. Now I’m stuck with my mom’s death that could be soon or might not be and the balance of time for her and time for me.

I know that I can do more towards my career from afar, so perhaps that is exactly what I need to do. I CAN take this time off work as an opportunity to really change what I produce and what I think about. I don’t have to be home at ASU to think. I can create on my own. I can come up with additions to Piagetian theory. I can merge theories. I can use science education and cognitive studies. I can do it without guidance, just more slowly than I can with it.

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