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Who is Ms. Math?

I just finished four years of teaching high school math at a private school that reminds me daily how huge the achievement gap is. I believe that mathematics should be a sense-making enterprise and am always striving to help my students understand the how and why questions. Students can invent a lot of mathematics on their own if given the right structure and encouragement but I’ve found that letting them figure things out in a successful way is much more difficult than just telling them.

I’m currently graduate school to get a PhD in math education-not only do I get to be a student again but I’m am learning from some amazing mathematics education researchers.

If that were not enough to keep me busy I’m excited about my new job as Upper School Math Community Leader at TFANET. It’s a great way to help new teachers and learn about their classrooms all around the country.

PS. I love comments and am happy to email ideas back and forth with new corps members :) My real email is cameron.byerley “at” gmail because it’s a much better way to keep in touch with me!

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